Fishing line making and development process

It’s a tangled web we weave when it comes to fishing line. Based on experience here are a few of the best applications for the many types of fishing lines out there. The tether you have to the unseen underwater just may make the difference in a lost fish or a wide smile.
When I was a lad in the early 70s I used to look through old fishing and hunting magazines for fishing lines. I remember an advertisement for Gudebrod Dacron Fishing Line. “You can whack a weakie on a line that doesn’t stretch,” it read. The company which still makes yarn and dental floss was bought out and the only fishing products I found of theirs are what I would call collectibles sold on Ebay. The market is just too diverse and competitive now for an old dinosaur like that to survive in a sea of gel-spun, Teflon coated, fluoro-carbonated spools. Today’s technology is a far cry from Dacron or for that matter the silk and linen that had to be taken off the reel and dried after use that preceded Dacron. After Dacron, Monofilament came along and changed the playing field back then, just like braid has today. I am here to say there are applications for all types of fishing lines if you fish diversely and for multiple species, with multiple techniques like I do.
Scientists make super-strong artificial muscle from fishing line
By taking stitching thread and fishing line wire and giving it a twist, scientists have created artificial muscle that’s a hundred times stronger than human or animal sinew.
The invention, delineated within the journal Science, could be useful for prosthetic limbs, humanoid robots, implanted medical devices and even wearable clothing.
This wouldn’t be the primary artificial muscle on the market: there area unit nanotube yarns and metal wires, but they’re often expensive or store relatively low amounts of energy compared
to their competitors, scientists said.

How made Fishing Line

These new high-strength compound fibers, made out of cheap, everyday materials that cost about $5 per kilogram, draw their strength from their geometry.
In experiments light-emitting diode out of the University of Lone-Star State at city in Richardson, scientists took these thin fibers that were just a few hundred micrometers long and twisted them until they began to coil.
(You will see this same result yourself if you are taking a elastic device and twist it till it starts to collapse into larger loops.)
As it coils, the twisted fiber cable becomes shorter and thicker, and then the researchers heat-treated it to make it set. The scientists found that if they made the fiber coil in the same direction as the twist, the fiber cable would contract.
If the fiber was forced to coil within the wrong way of its twist, the fiber cable would expand.

When they applied an energy source to the fibers for make fishing line,typically heat it, the scientists got different versions of their artificial muscle fibers to contract by 49% or to expand by 67%.
They even turn out seven.1 horsepower per kilogram, about the same power as a jet engine (when scaled down for size).
And the fibers will last through uncountable these cycles, making them very durable, reusable devices like fishing line.
“Despite their little diameter, the fibers can be indefinitely long and used in large structures,” Jinkai Yuan and Philippe Poulin, scientists from the University of Bordeaux in France who were not concerned within the paper, wrote in a commentary.

The scientists suppose this might be helpful for variety of applications that require muscle fibers, whether getting the faces of humanoid robots to move with more human-like expressions or getting prosthetic limbs better muscle.
They could be accustomed mechanically open and shut blinds in response to the skin climate.
The researchers have already created a textile with pores that expand and contract in response to heat , which could lead the way to adaptable, breathable clothing.

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