Rolex watches history and 20 Amazing facts

Rolex History

1– Rolex watches founded in 1905 by Hans Wildford and his brother in law Alfred Davis in London.

2– Till 1908 they made watches and sell to jewellers but they realize that they should sold it under own brand.

3– Hans and Alfred named it Rolex because it’s simple and writable in any languages.

4– After starting in London company moved to Switzerland for escape of British taxes.

5– In 1915 Hans and Alfred registered company name as Rolex watches Co.

6– In 1919 they shifted their office to Geneva due to world war 1.

7– British Royal Air-force soldiers always like to wear Rolex during world war 2, if any British soldier shoot down by Nazis, they just took down Rolex watch. Hans Wildford gave statement that any Rolex shall be replaces on their words only. This quality of watches resulted Rolex become a status symbol for British and American Air Force.

8– Rolex always uses most expensive stainless steel 904L, that is highest level of chromium and nickel.

9Every Rolex is made by hand and they use less machinery for making the component.

10– Every Rolex is tested on vey very high and lowest pressures.

11– Rolex made its first waterproof watch in 1926. Its name was Rolex Oyster.

12– Rolex GT-master was first watch which has two time zones made in 1954.

13– The lowest price of Rolex model is Air-King model approx $3000.

14– Chronometer certification first time ever get by Rolex in watch history.

15– Rolex company actual name is Rolex SA ( Societe Anonyme means limited co.)

16– Now Rolex has 25 manufacturing units.

17– Rolex first wristwatch with perpetual rotor was Oyster perpetual made in 1931.

18– First date change Rolex made in 1945. It was automatic date change watch.

19– First day and date automatic update Rolex was made in 1956.

20– The most expensive Rolex is Chronograph Daytona. in 2017 it was auctioned at highest price $17.8. It is related to Paul Newman.

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